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Macphie Mactop Traditional 10L Make Up Instructions

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Mactop Traditional is a ready-to-whip sweetened cream alternative made with vegetable oil and milk protein. With a rich sweet flavour and a smooth creamy texture, Mactop Traditional is a delicious alternative to dairy cream, but with less than half the fat when whipped. Use it to add value to a range of confectionery, cakes and desserts. Mactop Traditional is extremely versatile, it is an excellent carrier for a range of flavours and alcohol giving luxurious flavoured fillings. It can be blended with custard to produce a crème patisserie-style filling ideal for filling choux and doughnuts.   When whipped under optimum conditions, Mactop Traditional gives exceptional stability and whips to nearly 4 times its volume.


  • For best results, Mactop Traditional should be between 2-10°C before whipping.

  • During hot weather and in hot climates, Mactop Traditional may require chilling prior to whipping. However care must be taken to avoid over-chilling the liquid, as this will tend to increase whip times, and on continuous whippers possibly lead to under-whipping.

  • When using upright/planetary mixers, fill to approximately 1/6 of the bowl’s capacity, ensure the equipment is cool and clean.

  • Whip on ½ or ¾ maximum speed until almost completely whipped, then give a short burst on top speed to achieve desired consistency.

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