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Macphie GlenDelight Make Up Instructions

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GlenDelight® all-purpose cream alternative is made with vegetable oil and milk protein. When whipped it has less than half the fat of dairy cream. GlenDelight® has a delicious fresh taste with a dense and creamy mouth feel. GlenDelight® is extremely versatile. Whether you cook it, whip it, or simply pour it, it can be used in sweet, savoury and bakery applications to add a creamier flavour without the disadvantages of using real cream. GlenDelight® is non-hydrogenated and is more stable than cream. It will support the addition of flavours, fruit, sweeteners, alcohol and gelatine to give endless creative options. When whipped under optimum conditions, GlenDelight® gives excellent stability and whips to nearly 3 times its original volume.


  • For best results, GlenDelight® should be chilled (4-10ºC) before whipping.

  • During hot weather and in hot climates, GlenDelight® may require chilling prior to whipping. However care must be taken to avoid over-chilling the liquid, as this will tend to increase whip times, and on continuous whippers possibly lead to under-whipping.

  • When using upright/planetary mixers, fill to approximately 1/3 of the bowl’s capacity, ensure the equipment is cool and clean.

  • Whip on ½ or ¾ maximum speed until almost completely whipped, colours, flavours and syrups, if desired, should be added. Give a short burst on top speed to achieve desired consistency.

  • Overwhipping can lead to reduced volume and poorer eating quality

  • After whipping, GlenDelight® blends with cold custard to give a “Crème Patisserie”.

  • GlenDelight® can be used in cooking and is bain-marie stable in hot dishes.  It is also freeze-thaw stable in cooked dishes.

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