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Macphie Franzipan Conc Make Up Instructions

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Macphie Franzipan Concentrate is a nut free powder concentrate made using apricot kernels and almond flavouring for the production of full flavoured moist and soft eating fillings.


  • Using a beater, blend the Macphie Franzipan Concentrate and water together on slow speed to give a smooth paste.

  • Gradually add cake margarine and blend in.  Scrape down.

  • Stream in the egg gradually and blend in.  Scrape down.

  • Add cake flour (alternatively cake crumbs 0.500 kgs) and mix only until clear.

  • Deposit into shapes or baking sheets lined with short pastry.

  • Bake at 180-190ºC (360-380ºF) until golden brown.

  • To avoid excessive aeration, all mixing should be done on slow speed.


  • The egg should be used at ambient/room temperature to avoid curdling.

  • Do not use straight out of the fridge.



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