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Fig And Maple Cookie 1 350X350


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Macphie American Soft Cookie Mix Make-Up Instructions

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American Soft Cookie Mix is a powder concentrate requiring only the addition of cake margarine and water to make genuine American cookies. A wide variety of soft, chewy cookies may be made with the addition of other ingredients such as chocolate chips, walnut nibs, etc.


  • Place American Soft Cookie Mix and cake margarine in a machine bowl and, using a beater, blend together on slow speed.

  • Add water (18-24ºC) gradually over 10 seconds and beat for 1 minute on 2nd speed.

  • Blend in any chocolate chips, cherries, etc. on slow speed for a few seconds. (Chocolate chips, cherries, etc. should be added to the batter at approximately 30% of the total batter weight.

  • Deposit required amount of cookie batter onto a bakery tray. (An ice-cream scoop may be used to give consistent scaling weights).

  • Bake at 163ºC (325ºF) for 15-20 minutes. DO NOT OVERBAKE. The baked cookies should feel firm at the outside edge while the centre should be soft to the touch when leaving the oven to give a soft, moist eating cookie with a crispy crust when cooled.

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