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Boeson Trennwax Extra Spray Usage Instructions

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Boeson Trennwax Extra Spray is a general release agent for:-

• Baked goods, (breads, rolls, bun goods, etc.).
• Confectionery lines (sponges, cakes, Danish pastries, meringues, choux, etc.) 
• Savoury products (sausage rolls, quiches, pizza bases, etc.).
• May also be suitable for spraying onto griddles to prevent sticking.


  • Instructions for use

    • Shake well before use.
    • Spray evenly, from 12” to 18”, over baking trays, sheets, bread tins, sponge/cake tins, etc.
    • Best spraying results obtained at 20 to 300°C.
  • Storage Conditions

    • Do not exceed 500C
    • Storage at less than 150C may reduce the pressure in the tin which will give a less fine spray when spraying onto the baking trays, etc.
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